Hi! My name is Maurice.


Welcome to my home.


This is a typical house in most of Nairobi slums.


In this photograph we see what kind of technique is used in fastening nails on the walls. One nail was not fastened and fell off, thus leaving a hole on the wall, and also damaged the iron sheet.


The window also has to be secured to be burglar proof.


Scarcity of space necessitates fencing so no one can grab this piece of land.

Living room

This is my living room with very little furniture.


The village is not connected to the main power supply. The small black and white TV can only use a car battery. A new battery will go for a full week. To recharge it, I have to take it to another village 2 km from here, and to pay 50 KSh for the recharging.


My bedroom does not have much furniture either. The lantern is used for lighting at night.


This part of the room is rather disorganized.

[Meet my colleague Joyce]