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One of the fundamental rights guaranteed all over the world is the freedom of worship.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that: "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion" This includes the right to manifest ones religion or belief in teaching, practice and observance.

The residents of Mji WA Huruma are no exception to this right. We have several denominations, among them Catholics, Protestants and traditionalists. The catholic church draws the largest number.

The catholic church is one of the oldest in Kenya. It is a universal denomination of Christians headed by the pontiff and whose headquarters are in Vatican. The current head of the church is Pope John Paul II. The universality of the church is seen in the fact that masses all over the world read a common verse every Sunday.

The head of the church in Kenya is Bishop Ndingi Mwana Nzeki. Before him the church was headed by retired Cardinal Maurice Otunga.

The local church (Mji WA Huruma) is St. Monicah Catholic Church. Masses are conducted in the local vernacular, Kikuyu as most people speak it. Masses start at 11.00. They are conducted by priests (Father).

Before administering, one has to undergo training at a Seminary. The training would take as long as twelve years. One has to be an O level graduate to qualify. Seminarians major in Theology and Philosophy. In addition, they also have to study a profession to sustain them after being ordained. This guarantees them employment and reduces the tendencies of their being dependants.

The catholic church plays an important role in the human and social development of Kenyans. The church supplements the governments in the provision of essential services as health and education. Several churches and schools are run and managed by the church.

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